For increased safety, most of Ortal’s fireplaces are available with an optional double glass enclosure with a thin ventilation layer in between. Air flows through the ventilation layer created by small fans located at the bottom of the fireplace. This ensures the outer glass layer’s temperature is significantly reduced to comply with the latest regulations. Although still hot to the touch, it is safe. This is an ideal solution for public spaces or families with young children. Another benefit of the Double Barrier is that it transforms the radiant heat from the fire to ambient heat.

Ortal is proud introduce it’s new protective screen that significantly reduced the risk of burns caused by touching the fireplace’s glass. The screen protects direct contact with the glass enclosure, enabling the fireplace to be placed  in locations where higher levels of safety is required, such as public spaces and/or where small children are present. The protective screen is almost undetectable and does not diminish or change your view of the flames. This patent-pending technology (USSN 60/040,074) provides you with a complete, convenient solution that complies with today’s stringent regulations.
Another option is Ortal’s Double Barrier, which also prevents the glass from overheating.

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Kamin Section Cut - Option 2 (2)


Ortal has the ability to realize your design aspirations. World-renowned for our large and extra-large fireplaces, Ortal’s has custom-built installations that can be seen in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Canada and at the exclusive Mitzpe Ramon Resort in Israel measuring 7.5 meters long. New projects for hotels, airports, restaurants and other public places are already in the design phase. For your next project, don’t limit your creativity.


All Ortal Direct Vent fireplaces feature a balanced flue. A balanced flue gas fire is a fireplace-sealed using a glass front. The flue uses natural ventilation to pull in airfrom the outside and to the exhaust expels gas outside.


The New High Series

Ortal is pleased to present three additions to our range of direct vent fireplace models. The New High Series was designed to meet increasing market demand for models with a taller glass front. Our best-selling models: Clear 110, Clear 150 and the Clear 200 are now available as part of the High Series featuring front glass elements measuring 21.7 inches instead of the regular 13.8 inches of height.

Ortal Islands

These Island Series are designed for stunning visuals at every angle. These special direct vent fireplaces are available in two sizes: Island 75 (30 inch) and Island 130 (51 inch) – and become the focal and gathering point in any space.


Ortal produces its own high efficiency burner for the cleanest use of gas combined with optimal warmth. You’ll not only save on heating cost, you’ll be doing it in an environmentally friendly way.